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Agricola Geisha is a family-owned coffee farm in the mountains of Boquete, Panama.


Truly Great Coffee

Overlooking the Baru Volcano, our farm is located in Alto Jaramillo at an altitude of 1380-2100 meters. Abundant with misty rain and sunshine, our coffee is sustained by the gifts of Mother Nature. Streams flow through the harvested fields and moisten the soil of our crops.


Agricola Coffee 

Our love for our farms is manifested through the harvest of our beans. Our plants are cared for with meticulous attention, from seedlings to maturity. Corralled by forest trees, our coffee is shade grown and fertilized with only natural products. Once ripe, the coffee cherries are hand-picked and dried naturally under the sun to maintain its purest flavors.

Today, Agricola Geisha is growing Geisha, Paca, and Pacamara beans.




Bold Coffee Beans

Our goal is to keep our farm pure and wholesome in order to consistently produce award-winning specialty coffee––coffee that is always natural, flavorful, and aromatic.


As Doña Elvira would say, “Buen Provecho!"

la familia.

Who We Are

Agricola Geisha is a farm built on the curiosity, pride, and sense of adventure that accompanies partnering with Mother Nature. Unlike many farms, we did not start with a business in mind. Agricola Geisha began as a passion project for a recently retired man who fund joy in his new hobby. 


What began as a shared pastime with his wife, evolved into a journey as students in the art of coffee farming. Gonzalo and Yrma Palenzuela fell in love with the new project, and soon found themselves the proud owners of dozens of acres of fertile land bursting with Panama’s most coveted specialty coffees. 


Today, we introduce you to Agricola Geisha––the home of our award-winning coffee. We put a lot of love into our farm, and we hope you enjoy tasting its fruits as much as we enjoy growing them. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to consistently produce world-class coffee, protect the richness of the environment in which it grows, and provide the best service for our clients.


The Agricola Geisha Team wants you to taste the details in every cup.

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